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Tanbest® DHB, as the water-soluble sunless skin-tanning agent with high purity, is produced by green and natural fermentation. It reacts with free amino groups of keratin in the corneum of the epidermis. This conversion of reducing sugar with amino acids, peptides or proteins is similar to the “Maillard reaction”, imparting long-lasting and long-acting, even and gentle brown color without stripes, similar to the natural sunlight tanning kinetics while without sun exposure, protecting your delicate skin from UVs. It also can be combined with our other product for synergistic interaction, like Tanbest® DHA. Thus Tanbest® DHB is easy to use for formulators, providing more flexibility and application in skin & hair products.

INCI Name :

CAS No. :

EC No. :

Application :
• Self-tanning/Sunless-tanning
• Hair dyeing
• etc.

Dosage :
1-10%, up to 20%

Storage :
Store at 2-8℃, in a dry place and avoid light, tightly closed. Tanbest® DHB is the (≥) 76% aqueous solution of etythrulose (very high concentration), so it may precipitate (usually presenting as the transparent filaments precipitating at the bottom of container) due to the difference in density of erythrulose and water if remaining still for a long period. But it does not affect the performance of product. Just shake it before using it.

Shelf life :
3 years

Package :


Self Tanning Lotion

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