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SpecPed® AH8P is a high-quality neurotransmitter inhibitory peptide, because it is similar in structure to the N-terminus of SNAP-25, it can compete for SNARE binding sites and then inhibit the release of neurotransmitter, weakening the muscle contraction and the skin nerve conduction, and finally achieving the effect of smoothing dynamic lines, static lines and fine lines, improving the skin state.

INCI Name :
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8

CAS No. :

Application :
• Anti-wrinkle and etc

Dosage :

Storage :
Store in Cool and dry place, protect from light, 2-8℃ for common storage, -20℃ for long time storage.

Shelf life :
2 years

Package :


Black Tea Seed Bi-layer Treatment Oil

Repair moisture gel

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