Tanbest® DHA

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Tanbest® DHA is a safe sunless skin-tanning product which is a simple three carbon sugar derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. It reacts with free amino groups of keratin in the corneum of the epidermis to achieve a dyeing effect, which is called the maillard reaction, and the mechanism is similar to the natural sunlight tanning kinetics while without sun exposure, protecting your delicate skin from UVs. Tanbest® DHA is the main active ingredient in virtually all sunless tanning skincare products.

INCI Name :

CAS No. :

EC No. :

Application :
• Self-tanning/Sunless-tanning
• Hair dyeing
• etc.

Dosage :
Sunless tanning products: 1-10%
Most drugstore products: 3-5%
With professional products: 5-15%

Storage :
Keep dry and cool at 2–8°C. Slightly hygroscopic. Allow to reach room temperature before opening it.

Shelf life :
1 years

Package :


TSelf Tanning Lotion

Self-Tanning Oil

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