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Biological Fermentation Technology refers to the technology that uses biological (mainly microorganisms) or active ex vivo enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions to produce useful biological or chemical products for humans. Comparing with chemical synthesis, the advantages of biocatalysis are: biocatalysis is performed under mild conditions, mild reaction conditions, good production safety, and less energy conservation; biocatalysis has a high degree of selectivity, especially stereoselectivity, and can be successfully completed target reaction which is difficult to achieve for general chemical reaction. Therefore, biocatalysis technology has greatly improved the reaction efficiency, high raw material utilization rate and environmental friendliness, which meets the requirements of green production and the adjustment of industrial structure. Biocatalytic reactions have developed rapidly in the past ten years, and become an important method to replace and expand traditional chemical synthesis in sustainable development.

Many large companies around the world are investing lots of money in the research and development of biocatalytic technology, trying to cheaply produce chemicals and developing some new chemical production routes. Thus some biocatalysis and conversion processes of some industrial chemicals have been developed succesfully. In Japan, companies such as Mitsubishi Chemical Fiber, Kyowa Fermentation, and Ajinomoto have screened lots of new strains and enzymes for industrial biocatalysis and biochemical transformation processes, combining biocatalysis and chemical synthesis to form a unique research hot spot. In Europe, large multinational companies such as BASF, DSM, LONZA, DEGUSSA, and ROCHE have also turned to the field of industrial biocatalysis and biotransformation.

Spec Chem Group Bio-Fermentation Technology Research Center adopts a combination of independent research and horizontal integration (co-developed with well-known universities, such as China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Tech University, etc.). Currently, the successfully leading research and development projects are: recombination of human skin Cell growth factor (hEGF), Tanbest® DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), Tanbest® DHB (Erythrulose), SpecKare® TRHL02 (Trehalose), SpecWhite® 02(Vitamin C Glucoside), SpecWhite® 03 (α-arbutin), SpecKare® PGA(Polyglutamic Acid) , etc. In September 2015, Spec Chem Group established a Bio-fermentation Pilot Production Base in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province-CHANGZHOU SMC BIO-TECH CO., LTD., which has a set of 5000L fermentation tank fermentation system and a series of post-extraction equipment. The above-mentioned projects all were successfully realized the production transformation at the Fermentation Pilot Production Base. The above-mentioned products produced in CHANGZHOU SMC BIO-TECH CO., LTD. are in line with the latest international standards and enjoy an excellent global reputation.

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