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Good quality comes from qualified materials
Since established in 1995, Spec-Chem Group has always upheld the principle-Good quality comes from qualified materials, committing to the perfect integration of science and technology, promoting a revolution of cosmetic industry, as well as redefining consumers imagination and expectations for beauty.

Spec-Chem Group, as the state-level high-tech enterprise, constantly provides our world-wide customers high-quality cosmetic ingredients, holistic application solutions and reliable efficacy evaluations. Spec-Chem Group will continue to contribute to the worldwide innovation and breakthrough of beauty business.

Better quality, better service and better future
Spec-Chem Group had passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System and the SA8000 system for Social Responsibility Management. As a member of the RSPO organization, Spec-Chem Group implemented all standardized management systems into R&D, production, quality control testing, application research, efficacy testing and the sales process, thereby strongly guaranteeing product quality.

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SpecPure® Aqua GBE

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract


Tanbest® DHA



SpecPure® BCP3

Charcoal Powder


SpecKare® PO

Piroctone Olamine


SpecWhite® VCE

O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid


SpecPed® AH8P

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8


SpecPure® PC1

Poria Cocos Sclerotium Extract
Propylene glycol


SpecPure® BTS Saponins

Camellia Sinensis Seed Extract

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We are a global speciality ingredient supplier to the Beauty and Personal Care industry.

Spec Chem offers a broad variety of high quality products. Get the best matches for your application:

Peptide Expert Site

The Peptide Synthesis & Customization Production Base has advanced peptide synthesis and purification technology, polypeptide products with purity of up to 99% are synthesized.

Herb Extration Site

The Natural Plant Extraction Production Base deciphers nature’s secrets, and extracts various versatile and stable natural ingredients with high purity and quality from Ginkgo Biloba, Poria cocos, Black Bean Peel, Black Tea Seed and other natural plants.

Biological Fermentation Site

The Biological Fermentation Production Base equipped with high-quality production line and senior experts, dedicating to further research on growth factors, self-tanning agents, biological whitening agents and bio-surfactants.

Green Chemical Synthesis Site

The Green Chemical Synthesis Production Base has the one thousand-ton GMP standard production line in which SpecWhite® VCE and SpecKare® PO are two of the most popular products.

Technology Center

Spec-Chem Group established Functional Material R&D Center, Application Research Center and Quality Control Center. At the same time, Spec-Chem Group also provides customer extended services, such as peptide modifications and customization, formulation application, anti-microbial testing and in-vivo & in-vitro efficacy tests.

Functional Material R&D

Conduct in-depth research and development on products with independent innovation, and use technology to solve customers' demands for new product development.

Quality Control

Use advanced equipment and instruments to analyze, test and control the quality of products to ensure batch stability and product quality.

Application Research

Independently design and develop formulas to study in vitro, organism and clinical efficacy of raw materials and products.

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