COSMETICS BUSINESS:anti-dandruff agent outperforms ZPT&climbazole


Spec-Chem Industry has introduced a piroctone olamine anti-dandruff ingredient that outperforms zinc pyrithione(ZPT) and climbazole:the most common anti-fungal agents used in anti-dandruff shampoos.SpecKareTMPO has specific action against the Malassezia species responsible for producing dandruff and has also been proven to relieve scalp itching with no safety concerns or scalp irritation.A study comparing shampoos containing 0.5% ZPT versus 0.5% SpecKareTMPO showed that while ZPT reduced dandruff by 68.6%, SpecKareTMPO reduced it by 81.7%. It similarly outperformed climbazole.SpecKareTMPO's broad spectrum of antibacterial and anti-fungal action means it can also be used as a preservative and in deodorant products.

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